Acne Core Productions: Second House – Puppy Terror

The second house in the Acne Core zine-series is an actual book (81 pages). It gives you interviews, articles and tons of pictures about puppy-play, non-human dogs and the so-called threat of terrorism. It also includes even more facts on aliens and UFOs plus DIY guides to taking care of your new puppy and connecting deeply with trees in your area.

Heal trauma through closeness with animals!

Hitler’s dogs are the secret Nazi mythology behind the Lassie-movies!

“The perfect little book for a long bus ride!” – a friend.

HOW TO GET IT: send 75 kroner through MobilePay to 27630667. Write ‘puppy’ and your address.

Limited edition.

If you don’t have MobilePay or want shipping outside Denmark, write to and we will find a solution.