LGBT-Friendly Massage Therapy by MADS ANANDA LODAHL (certified massage therapist)


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90 MINUTES: 750,- kr. (100 €)

VOUCHER: A voucher with 5 x 90 minutes massage costs 3000,- kr (400 €). The voucher is not personal so you can share it with your friends. You save 20 € pr sessions.


You will find me in:


Frederiksborgvej 178

2400 Copenhagen NV

Bus 4A and 6A stop right in front. S-train is close by.

I am there every Tuesday and Wednesday


You can cancel your sessions until 24 hours before the scheduled time. If you cancel later than that or if you don’t show up I have to charge the full fee anyway because I won’t have time to book a new client.

You will receive a reminder with practical information on your phone the day before our appointment.

BOOK A SESSION: +45 27 63 06 67

LGBT-Friendly Massage Therapy
Swedish massage is calming and can help release muscle tensions.


“It was like being born again! I feel at home in my own body now. I feel ready for anything. At the end, when you asked me to feel into my own body, there was not a single place – neither in body nor mind – that hurt. I feel as if my entire being is made out of fine, white snow right now.”

  • Quim Kamikaze, art smith

“Mads is a skilled massage therapist and I always feel safe in his care. He worked hard to master the art of massage and you really feel that. I always leave him feeling great and relaxed and with more energy. Thank you, Mads, for your sweet and warm personality and your healing hands.”

  • Marco E. Miele, 30, professional bachelor in nutrition and health

“Everytime I had a massage from Mads I felt really good. Mads has the ability to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere and combine it with good, professional massage. I recommend him warmly.”

  • Jesper Urban, 44, pedagogue

“A massage from Mads is faboulous. Very caring, thoughtful and firm. I felt relaxed and loosened up when I left and as a queer person I especially appriciated the safety I felt being with Mads.”

  • Ray Gaunoux, 32, musician

“Mads is a very nice therapist who always takes his time with you. He happily gives you exercises for shoulders and neck if – like me – you spend too much time in front of the computer. As an LGBT-person I feel very safe and seen with Mads so I have become a regular client of his.”

  • Sissel Moos, 27, consultant

LGBT-Friendly Massage Therapy
In thai massage we use stretches from yoga. It increases flexibility, blood flow and wellbeing.


Below you can find answers to everything you want to know about my LGBT-friendly Massage Therapy. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call +45 27630667.

What is massage good for?

Massage can be beneficial by:


  • pain in shoulder, neck, and back
  • tenderness, fatigue, stiffness and exhaustion
  • injuries and after illness or surgery
  • muscle tension
  • chronic pain
  • prolonged concussion, migraine and tension headache


  • stress and tension
  • nervousness, restlessness and anxiety
  • depression and relationship/attachment issues
  • minor and major trauma
  • negative emotions around your own body

At the same time, massage can have a preventive effect, increase well-being in general and of course just be a nice way to treat yourself or someone you care about.

What kind of massage do you do?

I am trained in two different styles of massage, Swedish oil massage and traditional Thai massage, and in my sessions I mix them so that you get exactly what you need.

In my treatments I work at a slow pace with lots of focus on tuning into what you need and where your boundaries are. It is up to you to decide where we are going with the treatment and how fast it should go.

I can go as deep or as gentle as you wish.

SWEDISH OIL MASSAGE: I am trained in Swedish oil massage from in Roskilde, where I learned physiology and anatomy as well. The exams were overseen by both a medical doctor and a physiotherapist.

Swedish oil massage is the most popular form of massage in the West. It is an evidence-based, medical form of treatment that is part of the physiotherapist education. This is the one that doctors refer to when recommending massage.

LGBT-Friendly Massage Therapy
Massage of the hands feels wonderful and can remove pain and stiffness.

THAI MASSAGE: I am trained in traditional Thai massage from the ITM Thai Hand Massage School in Berlin and have received my certificate from one of Northern Thailand’s finest schools.

Thai massage is a medical form of treatment with more than 2000 years of tradition. It is said to have been developed by the Buddha’s private doctor. It is based on Chinese, Ayurvedic and Thai medicine and mixes energy work with acupressure, reflexology, muscle manipulation and joint release with stretching from yoga.

LGBT-friendly Massage Therapy? Are not all therapists LGBT-friendly?

Sadly, many LGBT people seeking help in both conventional and alternative medicine feel that they are being poorly treated by health professionals.

Some health professionals outright discriminate LGBT clients, but mostly it’s about the therapist not having the right understanding, not being very thoughtful or simply not having the time to familiarize themselves with the special needs and experiences we have as a minority.

Sometimes health professionals ask intrusive questions that are irrelevant to the treatment. Other times, they assume that all clients are straight and cisgender, and it can be tiring for LGBT people to always have to explain themselves.

I have worked with LGBT issues for more than 15 years and I know a great deal about things like shame, transition, sex, sexually transmitted diseases, anxiety, depression, internalized homophobia, dysphoria, abuse, trauma and healing.

It is my passion to use this knowledge to offer safe and appreciative massage treatments to LGBT people of all kinds.

So straight people are not welcome?

Of course they are!

Is it fat-friendly as well?

Of course! It is also POC-friendly, sex worker-friendly and inclusive for elderly people. I am respectful and professional towards all my clients. Without exception. I am trained to treat (virtually) all kinds of bodies, but since I have worked with sexual and gender minorities for over 15 years (and I myself belong to both groups), it is us and our needs that I know most about.

What if I have a disability?

I have not specialized in massaging people with disabilities, and depending on what kind of disability you have, there may be some things I can not help you with. You are of course very welcome anyway, and as I said, I treat everyone with respect. Regardless of your disability, there will definitely be things I can help with as well. Many things in your body work just like in every other body.

If you have a disability and you have any questions about my massage, feel free to call me: +45 27630667.

Why do you call it LGBT-friendly Massage Therapy and not just massage?

The body and the mind are so closely connected that it’s hard to even talk about two separate things. So when your body gets better, your mind automatically gets better too. In addition, I work deliberatly with your nervous system, your psychological balance and your mental body image, and I use elements from body therapy (kropsterapi) and MindBody therapy during my massage treatments.

Most people are in a better mood after a massage. People often feel happier about their own body. They feel healthier, more alive, more sexy. People report having more energy. Stress, anxiety and depression gets smaller.

Sometimes you can fall into a downward spiral: You are inactive and sad and it gets more and more difficult to get back up because you can hardly get out of bed. A series of massage treatments can help reverse such a development and get you into a positive feedback loop.

Do we talk while I get a massage?

We talk before the treatment, but during the treatment we do not talk very much.

For some people, massage loosens up a whole lot of emotions and thoughts, and they feel like talking a lot during the massage. If you feel like that, it’s totally fine, of course, and I’m very happy to listen and help you hold whatever comes up in the session.

Is it confidential?

Yes. Everything that happens during the session is confidential. I won’t even tell anyone that you have received a massage.

LGBT-Friendly Massage Therapy
The LGBT-friendly Massage Therapy session is yours! You are in charge of everything that happens!

Do you massage pregnant people?

I don’t. I am not trained in it and I don’t have the special equipment that might be needed.

Do you massage people who are ill?

Cancer patients should only get a massage after talking to their doctor. If you have a fever, you shouldn’t get a massage because it can raise your body temperature further. If you have a normal cold or something like that, it’s not a problem.

If you have diabetes, heart disease, open wounds, sprains, bone fractures, skin diseases, artificial body parts, bone diseases, implanted metal, infections, high/low blood pressure or varicose veins, please let me know.

Am I naked or clothed during the massage?

Normally, I will ask you to bring leggings / sweat pants / long underpants that you wear during the massage. On the upper body you are naked, but you have a blanket over you. If you’re not comfortable with that, we’ll find out something else. Just tell me. If you prefer to be fully clothed, I can work with that as well. It is important that you feel comfortable so that you can relax.

LGBT-Friendly Massage Therapy
I respect even the highest levels of shyness!

What if I’m shy?

I leave the room while you get dressed and undressed and there is a blanket you can have over you throughout the treatment. Of course, I remove the blanket from the particular body parts I am working on, such as half a leg or one arm, but no one will see you naked.

Should you still feel uncomfortable at any point during the massage, you can ask me to stop the treatment and leave the room at any time so you can get dressed and leave or whatever you need to do.

Are there other people in the room while I am being massaged?

No. I have the clinic to myself, so it’s just you and me. The door to the street is locked.

Do I get oil on my clothes afterwards?

No. The oil seeps into your skin and it is good for you. I wipe off any excess oil.

What oil do you use?

Almond oil. It has no scent and no one is allergic to it. Sometimes I add essential oils such as peppermint. But only natural things. No perfumes and that sort of thing.

Should I take a shower before?

If possible, it is fine if you can take a shower just before the massage, because it warms and softens your body so that it can better receive the treatment. In addition, I expect a certain hygienic standard from my clients.

However, I also know that many people come directly from work or school, and that is perfectly okay. I assume that you have at least been in the shower the same day.

Is there anything else I need to do before the massage?

Do not eat a large meal just prior to the session.

And after the massage?

You can do what you want afterwards, but if it’s possible, it’s good to wait a couple of hours before taking a shower or eating something so the body has time to let the massage work.

I got a headache after the massage. Why?

Occasionally there may be a slight headache or dizziness or sleepiness after a massage. Also the day after. This is because accumulated toxins in the cells have been released (that is the intention) and circulate around the system. It goes over pretty fast. Drink plenty of water to help flush it out.

I thought about smoking a bit of weed before the massage. Is that a good idea?

No. I do not treat people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even just a little. It can be dangerous because they have a different perception of pain, and in the worst case, I can hurt you if I get misleading feedback from you during treatment.

I’m afraid of getting an erection during the massage.

Don’t worry. It doesn’t happen very often that people get erections during massage sessions and when it does, I really don’t care. Your body is welcome here just the way it is. With all it’s experiences and reactions.

Some bodyworkers think it is a bit uncomfortable but I feel pretty relaxed about the different ways clients react and I find it only natural that people sometimes have erections, drool on the floor, cry, laugh, talk a whole lot or accidentally fart. This is a body-positive space! (PS: Just to avoid any doubt – I do not offer any sexual services of any kind).

LGBT-Friendly Massage Therapy
LGBT-Friendly Massage Therapy! – Book your session now: +45 27630667

Photos: Anna Eline