An event with Mads Ananda Lodahl engages the audience and really sets off the debate on diversity, normality and inclusion. He reaches out to his audience and his practical and surprising approaches to sex, gender and sexuality make the subject understandable and relevant for everyone. It’s entertaining, informative and very hands-on.

A subject for everyone – everyone has a gender!

Many people get in trouble with society’s ideas about what we are supposed to be like as men and women. This is obviously the case for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans people, but it is also true for sissy boys and aggressive girls, strong women and weak men, women who don’t want to be mothers, and adults who choose to be single.

To stand out can affect the well-being and safety of the individual and lead to bullying, exclusion, violence, loss of jobs, harassment or simply a feeling of not being seen, understood and appreciated – and this affects both children, young people and adults, men and women, gay and straight – and everyone in between.

Mads makes people aware of their own gender expectations, and the hurtful consequences these expectations can have – for themselves and for others – he shows a road away from prejudice and discrimination and toward greater understanding and inclusion.

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Mads offers lectures, talks, workshops and seminars for educational institutions, businesses, associations and festivals and is happy to participate in panel discussions or as a facilitator or moderator. He is also a popular guest speaker at  conferences and seminars as either the opening or closing act.

Interested? Please, don’t hesitate to get in contact at: mads@almindelig.com


Watch Mads Ananda Lodahl’s TED-talk and read about previous events below…

Workshop on power, empowerment and master suppression techniques for Greenpeace Nordic

Mads holds a workshop on power relations in workplaces for all employees of the Greenpeace Nordic departments. After an introduction to basic theories on power and an introduction to the so-called master suppression techniques, Mads facilitates group discussions around the participants’ own experiences with power both at work and in other situations. The workshop makes the participants aware of hierarchies and power relations, and provides effective tools to empowerment for all.

Mads currently works together with the Copenhagen Municipality offering a similar workshop to colleges and minority communities in Copenhagen, as a part of the city’s anti-discrimination campaign.

Lecture on LGBT history at Efterskolen Ådalen (boarding school)

Mads passionately describes the history of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) struggle for recognition and shows how this particular struggle is connected to that of other minority groups and to the rest of society. After the lecture he discusses political strategies, democracy and minority/majority-relations with the students. During the lecture students get an in-depth insight into a part of history that many people don’t know, with an opportunity to talk about minorities in a different way than usual. The lecture is an entertaining and thought-provoking mix between an alternative history/social studies class and a debate night.

Talk on the right to decide over your own body at Testrup Højskole (folk high school)

Mads exhibits a disturbingly large amount of examples of how the most fundamental right – the right to decide over your own body – is constantly being limited and compromised. Whether it be women, who are forced into sex work or exposed to abuse and sexual harassment, homosexuals who are ashamed of their sexual desire, trans people who do not have access to medical treatment, intersex people who are operated on without consent nor medical reasons, Muslim women who are either forced to or not allowed to wear headscarfs – and little boys who are scared to wear nail polish. Through the power of example and with the use of queer theory, Mads outlines the oppressive system that he calls, ‘The Straight World Order’, which – he claims – gets 90% of us in some sort of trouble. Guaranteed to be an interesting debate!

Workshop on overcoming oppression and discrimination for BLUS (LGBT students in Copenhagen)

Mads has more than 14 years of experience as a political activist, developing a system with no less than 21 concrete forms of resistance against all forms of oppression. This universal system can be used by all vulnerable groups, individuals and minorities, and there is something for everyone: from the parliamentary to the provocative; the mild to the militant; the delightful to the dangerous. Mads provides the tools and the toolbox – you decide how you use it! The workshop has been described as “overwhelmingly empowering” and gives the participants a strong sense of power over their own lives and a firm believe in change. Powerless? Never again!

Norm critical lecture on gender in educational practice at Københavns Pædagogseminarium (education for pedagogy)

Mads gives an introduction to norm critical pedagogy and gender theory, presenting facts about LGBT children and adolescents and their circumstances in institutions and society. He challenges the stereotypical and habit-based notions of children’s and adults’ gender, with strong arguments from both theoretical and personal areas. He tells stories from his own practice as a teacher and sex counsellor for young people and works with the participants’ own experiences and dilemmas with children. The lecture is a regular part of the education for pedagogues in several university colleges in Denmark.

Photo: Tuğçe Deniz Çakır