A special treatment is a curious and experimental, therapeutic space, into which we invite any technique that might be helpful. Together we shed a new light on an old issue that may have gotten stuck for you:

  • A difficult relation.
  • A bad experience.
  • A body that makes trouble.
  • A frustrating career.
  • A project that won’t get completed.
  • A complex question.
  • An unpleasant emotion.


OPENING OFFER: 450,- Danish kroner

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A special treatment is a one-time session (but of course you can have as many special treatments as you want).

We meet once for about 90 minutes and I will make sure to close down the session in a safe and meaningful way even though we may not have found the answer or solved your problem.

Nothing is too big. Nothing is too small.

The most peculiar and the most banal.

Everything and everyone is welcome.

In a special treatment we might use:

  • Exercises and techniques from somatic psychotherapy.
  • Neuroscience, attachment theory, and conflict resolution.
  • Queer theory, queer culture, and queer history.
  • Touch, movement, being held, or wrapped in cushions.
  • Tarot cards, rituals, magic, and prayer.
  • The wisdom of religions, philosophy, literature, and art.
  • Therapeutic writing and drawing exercises.
  • Practical tips to starting your own company or developing your creative project.
  • Preparation of schedules and temporary rules for life.
  • And whatever might be useful…

In a special treatment, I draw on EVERYTHING I know something about: Therapeutic drawing and writing exercises, literature, sexology, neuroscience, queer theory, culture and history. Tarot cards, rituals, somatic psychotherapy and whatever else we find useful.


mads ananda lodahl særbehandling
Anything can happen. The only thing I can promise is that I will take good care of you on the journey.


Recommendations published with permission. Some names have been altered to protect privacy.


“I was raped a year ago. It was a terrible experience and in the time that followed everything in my life was a mess. Lots of dark thoughts and just very chaotic. I talked to a psychologist at the hospital for a while, and it helped some, but I also needed something else.

When I heard about SPACE, I booked a special-treatment with Mads. And yes, it was a “special” treatment, but it was just what I needed.

We did a tarot reading together, asking the cards: What should I appreciate / protect inside myself – in the past, present and future?

It was a touching and self-affirming experience, and afterwards I went for a long walk in the nature area close to the clinic with a big smile. I ended the day with a huge hug and an appreciative pat on my own back. We all have our stuff to deal with. I warmly recommend a special-treatment!”

  • Eddy, 22, student


“I had actually planned to talk about something else in my special-treatment with Mads, but when I sat there, it quickly became clear that I needed to look at my own internalised homophobia and my shame at being a feminine man. It was really nice to look at these issues with someone who doesn’t experience them as strange or foreign.

Mads is a very flexible therapist. Alternative and recognisable. His toolbox for working with the client’s body and soul unfolds and immerses itself from session to session (I also had massage sessions with Mads). He is an ambitious, curious, generous and very humane therapist.

I didn’t feel judged by Mads. His practice, on the contrary, is non-normative. And in addition to all this it’s very obvious that Mads himself has gone through a lot at a young age – his energy simply vibrates at the level of a life guide.”

  • Anders, 31, writer


“After seeing a psychologist several times due to my war traumas, I had the pleasure of a special treatment with Mads. I got more out of this session than my own psychologist since Mads is a great listener and he explains things related to the nervous system and even explained some of the tools I already learned from the psychologist.

Based on a specific incident from the previous week, where my trauma got triggered, we analyzed together what happened and why. It really gave me a lot that I could suddenly understand the situation – not only from my own and my body’s side – but also to be able to zoom out to see the big picture.

I could feel a calm in my body and in my soul when I left Mads, and I can only recommend him.”

  • Haseeb Safi, 34, student and nightlife worker


“I sometimes ask myself: ‘Am I lonely?’ I don’t think I am, but I’m not sure. I also sometimes wonder if my drug use is problematic or if it’s just how I want it to be. That was something I talked to Mads about in my special-treatment with him.

I previously had bad experiences with therapists where it felt too much like having a personal shopper who wanted to decide who I should be. The special-treatment was more like the make-over pages in a women’s magazine. A chance to see myself from the outside and in new ways.

I guess a special-treatment can work as a way to spoil yourself – a kind of mental whole body massage – but it can certainly also work as a safe and non-committing way to tackle more serious issues. Maybe as a first step on the way to finding the right personal shopper.”

  • Jon, 41, cook


“Together with Mads, I looked at both my sex life and my gender identity, and I am surprised and amazed at how much I brought home from a single special treatment.

I already have many years of experience with different forms of therapy and could be skeptical of the very eclectic approach that Mads has. But he managed to meet me in my deepest point of development and give me something that I had not had before. I am very grateful.”

  • Peter, 52, sociologist and gestalt therapist


“In my special treatment with Mads, we looked at some long term relationships in my life, in which I sometimes feel a little squeezed. Using different approaches (including tarot cards and techniques from somatic psychotherapy) we got around things in new and constructive ways. It was really good. “

  • Mogens Ulderup, 54, teacher and art photographer


“I was given a special treatment by Mads at a time when an older member of my family was dying and I needed to work on some of my feelings about major transitions in life. For example, how can I learn to let go?

Mads facilitated a creative and curious space with a clear and safe frame, which allowed me to go very deep. I experienced Mads as attentive and present and skilled at continuously checking in regarding the topic and choice of “working method”.

With the special treatment, I gained new bodily and emotional perspectives on my situation, which have helped me subsequently. I would like to recommend special treatment to others! ”

  • Noah, 35, works in health care


“After a somewhat difficult upbringing and after having been in an abusive relationship as a young adult, I struggle with my self-esteem at times.

Mads helped me get a very bodily feeling / understanding of the part of myself that challenges me. And by getting a clear mental image associated with the complex emotion, I can return again and again to the experience I had with Mads, rather than trying to figure out an answer through eternal rationales in my head.

It was a beautiful experience to be with Mads, and I can highly recommend a special treatment. ”

  • Lise, 31, physicist

After a special treatment you should take some time for yourself. You could go for a walk in the Utterslev Mose, which is just outside the SPACE clinic (see arrow). They have coffee in the bakery next door.